Designed to offer additional postural support to patients with special needs who need to be held in an upright sitting position when bathing. 

All buckle components are waterproof and the harnesses are padded at the waist belt buckle where necessary.

Most of our bathing harnesses are manufactured in specially treated white, Antimicrobial polyester webbing for protection against bacterial infections. It also has a PU Coating to resist the absorption of water.

Autolift Belt & Harness

Suitable for use on many bathing chairs such as the Arjo range of designs for bathing, toileting and Ambulift chairs.

Available from a simple belt to a full supportive harness.

Shower Chair Belt & Harness

Fits many shower chairs and many mobile commode seats.

Available from a simple belt to a full supportive harness.

Aqua Harness

Suitable for many bath seats such as the 'Aquasoothe Riviera', the 'Mangar Archimedes' Bath Lifts & some shower chairs.

The standard harness consists of a waist belt & shoulder straps.  The under strap is optional.

Libra Bath Lift Harness

Suitable for patients who need to be seated in an upright sitting position in

bathing seats such as the Arjo Libra bath seat. 

Simple harness consisting of waist belt plus an under strap.  Shoulder straps are optional.

Libra Pool Lift Harness

Suitable for the patient who is bathing in a lying position on a stretcher type of trolley during hydrotherapy treatment.  Fits stretcher trolleys such as the Arjo Pool Lift. 

This harness is available as a waist belt plus under strap.  Shoulder straps are optional.