Model 13 Fitting Instructions

Steel Safety Buckle Information

Model 13 & 29 Stabiliser Strap







Rear Fastening Harness

Fully rear fastening harness designed for those passengers with challenging behaviour or learning difficulties.
All three buckles fasten behind the back rest.

Alternatively, this harness can be used to offer postural support & assist in seating the occupant in an upright sitting position.

This harness will only fit single seats with easy access around the back rest of the seat & underneath the base of the seat cushion.
i.e. people carriers, mini-buses or the front passenger seat.  It will not fit the back seat of a standard hatch back car.    

This harness can also be used on some wheelchairs & easy chairs.   

This version is often referred to as the "Houdini" harness by our customers as it is very suitable
for those with inquisitive fingers or potential escapologists.

IMPORTANT: This harness is not classed as a safety harness, but a low risk medical device.
The vehicle safety belt MUST be worn over the top of our harness unless they are exempt for medical reasons.
The combination on the existing safety belt  & the secondary harness offers added security for the passenger.


Model 13 Standard

On the standard Model 13 the shoulder straps fasten to the understrap with a Steel Safety Buckle which is more complicated to open.
The two horizontal straps are fitted with Side Press Release buckles.

13J (Up to 6 yrs) = £90.00

13H (7yrs to Adult) = £100.00

Model 13 fitted with three Steel Safety Buckles

For those passengers who can unfasten ‘Press Release’ buckles or there are other passengers on the vehicle that will release these buckles, please choose the Model 13 harness fitted with three ‘Steel Safety Buckles’. 

Children & adults with Learning difficulties or Autism find this buckle too complicated to open.

We strongly recommend that a ‘Seat Belt Cutter’ is kept in the vehicle when using this harness (see below).

13J/STEEL3 (Up to 6 yrs) = £111.00

13H/STEEL3 (7yrs to Adult) = £

Emergency Seat Belt Cutter = £7.95

Steel Safety Buckle

Children & adults with Learning difficulties or Autism find this buckle too complicated to open.

Click Image for further information on the Steel Safety Buckle


Optional Extra's

  Stabiliser Strap

  This simple vertical Stabiliser Strap can be fitted to the seat
  back to offer extra stability by restricting excess movement.

  As the buckles are positioned at the rear, it can be left in position
  on the seat without having to remove it each journey.

  Cat. Ref: 13/29STAB/STEEL = £31.50



  Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

  As STEEL buckles do NOT press release we strongly recommend that
  a ‘Seat Belt Cutter is kept in the vehicle when using a harness fitted
  with the Steel Safety Buckle.

  It cuts through seat belt material quickly, easily & safely.
  It is designed with a carefully encased blade so that it is perfectly safe.

Cat. Ref: SK - £7.95