Accepted for passengers with special needs
by many airlines including:






Designed to offer postural support and a certain degree of restraint to children and adults
on single or split backed double seats, to keep them in an upright sitting position.

Fits most types of vehicle seating including low or high backed.

The Model 27 is used on aircraft seats by many leading airlines. The two transverse fixing straps
do not interfere with the passenger behind using the drop down trays.

We always advise our clients to seek permission from the airlines to use our harnesses prior to departure.

The harness consists of a full body harness connected to a back pad which is fitted horizontally
around the vehicle seat back with two fixing straps.

IMPORTANT: This harness is not classed as a safety harness, but a low risk medical device.
The vehicle safety belt MUST be worn over the top of our harness unless they are exempt for medical reasons.
The combination on the existing safety belt  & the secondary harness offers added security for the passenger.


Available in three sizes & a choice of two buckles:

The waist belt is fitted with the 'Press Button' buckle as standard.

27I (Infant to 5 years) = £75.00

27A (5 to 8 years) = £88.00

27B (9 years to Adult) = £96.00


The 'Steel Safety' buckle can be fitted for those passengers with challenging behaviour.

27ISB (Infant to 5 years) = £85.00

27ASB (5 to 8 years) = £98.00

27BSB (9 years to Adult) = £106.00

Click Image for further information on the Steel Safety Buckle

  Model 27 Product Information                  Using Model 27 with Child Car Seat


Optional Extra's

Houdini Stop

A Houdini Stop can be fitted to this harness.
This chest strap ensures the passenger stays safely and correctly positioned
within their harness.  It simply clips on to each shoulder strap of the harness
to help prevent the passenger from separating the shoulder straps in order
to escape.

NB. The Houdini Stop is fitted to the model 27 harnesses fitted with the Steel Safety at no extra cost.

It is available as an optional extra for the model 27 harnesses fitted with the Press Release buckle.

Cat Ref: HOUD = £9.00 

  Houdini Stop Product Information  

Link to Houdini Stop Website -

Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

  As STEEL buckles do NOT press release we strongly recommend that
  a ‘Seat Belt Cutter is kept in the vehicle when using a harness fitted
  with the Steel Safety Buckle.

  It cuts through seat belt material quickly, easily & safely.
  It is designed with a carefully encased blade so that it is perfectly safe.

  Cat. Ref: SK - £7.95