Care & Maintenance Of Products


Please read instructions carefully before fitting and follow them for correct use.

If there is any query or problem with the suitability of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is most important that the operating & maintenance instructions are kept with each harness. Especially if being transferred to new users.

Product maintenance instructions can be downloaded here or found on our website.

Retain these instructions for future reference.



Our range of harnesses are not classed as safety harnesses.

The vehicle safety belt MUST be worn over the top of our harness unless they are exempt for medical reasons.

The combination of the existing safety belt & the secondary harness offers added security for the passenger.


General maintenance of our belts & harnesses

Before each use check that the belt or harness is in a satisfactory condition and is appropriate for the user.

Ensure that all belts and harnesses are fitted, adjusted and used correctly.

It is also very important that they are maintained & cleaned in accordance with the instructions below:

  • We strongly advise that a carer, OT or GP etc. Who is familiar with the patients requirements is consulted prior to the selection of a harness.

The clients condition together with the type of seating/equipment is most important in choosing the most suitable belt/harness. An inappropriate selection may prove uncomfortable or harmful for the occupant.

  • Please refer to the appropriate fitting instructions for each model of belt or harness. These are enclosed with every harness.

Additional copies are available upon request.

  • Regularly inspect the belt or harness for damage, wear or If any problems are identified replace it immediately.
  • Belts and harnesses should be replaced if they show any sign of fraying or
  • Regular checks are also necessary to assess the harness is still meeting the needs of the user as over time these needs may change.
  • If the equipment was used during an accident, it should be replaced
  • Avoid contact with corrosive liquids and keep the webbing away from sharp
  • If storing a harness with a PVC/Leatherette chest or back pad, do not fold. This may create creases which could cause discomfort to the passenger.
  • Do not attempt to modify the equipment,. Any modifications to our belts or harnesses will void the warranty.
  • If there is any query or problem with the suitability of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Washing Instructions

  • All webbing and components can be cleaned by hand as
  • HAND WASH ONLY . Do not machine wash or tumble
  • Please use warm soapy water (up to 70/80˚) and a clean soft
  • Mild detergent, anti bacterial wash, disinfectant or a mild spray disinfectant can be used – but do not use products containing bleach.
  • Rinse with clear water, and allow to air
  • IMPORTANT: when cleaning or disinfecting do not immerse buckles in disinfectant or water.

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